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Swingmaster A1/A0


These poster holders are ideal for forecourts and other large open spaces, available in two sizes, A0 and A1.

Quick and easy assembly, no tools required

Wheels in base allow unit to be manoeuvred into position

Water/sand fillable base gives great stability even in adverse weather conditions.

Base capacity: A1 - 26 litres, A0 - 50 litres

Prices are only available to trade customers.

Model No. Overall Dimensions
(mm) (hxw)
Visible Panel Size
(mm) (hxw)
Colour Delivery Price From Qty
1.A1SWINGMASTER 1150 X 780 841 X 594 16 1/2 Days
2.A0SWINGMASTER 1530 X 1030 1189 X 841 26 1/2 Days
*Please call for accurate lead times - ex-stock orders should be received the following day for all orders placed before 2pm.

*Special offers are subject to availability and may only be available in certain colours. = non standard colour enquiry

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